a design collaboration between brothers


The take-off of their design studio ByBelli was already in the back of their minds for quite some time. Thanks to the new Dutch design label JAPTH the Belli brothers decided to collaborate for the first time. What’s the story behind this?  

Riccardo: "When Eduard Sweep of Yksi design called me last summer and told me that they were looking for designers for a new label (JAPTH) I did not hesitate for one second. This would be a perfect first mission for ByBelli." Patrick is also very excited about his first collaboration with his younger brother: "We are both on the same wavelength when it comes to passion and design vision. Yes, we do differ by age but that creates a nice dynamic between the both of us." The brothers decided to join forces and that’s how design studio ByBelli was founded. With Echo, Calidora and Mimas as their first designs.  

The characteristics of ByBelli

The brothers search for the perfect balance between style and functionality in all of their designs. Nature has a very big influence on this. "Nature shows how innovative design can be without compromising functionality. The beauty of aesthetics, combined with pure functionality,’’ said the oldest brother. The roots of the brothers also brings uniqueness to their style. Riccardo: "Thanks to our Dutch mother and Italian father we remain level-headed, but we always work with a lot of passion and give a 100% each and every time. Our Italian roots are reflected in our designs. A product just has to look good. With good shapes and sharp proportions. Combine this with our Dutch love for the concept and a plain practical view at functionality. That is characteristic for a ByBelli design.” So, both of you have a identical style? "Ow, no not at all," Patrick continues: "There are still many differences between us. I tend to look more to the bigger picture of something and Riccardo is always focused on the details.  This creates a nice mix and gives color to the design."

There is more than meets the eye

But how would I recognise a real ByBelli design from a product line up? "A product that resolves in a must-have that’s a ByBelli design", Riccardo says with a wink. "A ByBelli design has to be more than just a product standing in someone’s living room. For example: you can tell from it if it’s a chair or lamp but quickly you will make a connection with something else. It will stir your imagination. A unique character with individual details combined with pure functionality. That's a ByBelli design." 

All in the family

The collaboration will be a success for the brothers if they see that their products get a prominent place in other people’s living rooms. "Our dream is that our products will become a part of somebody’s home, the people that live there and that they will be passed on from generation to generation. If we achieve that goal then we will be very satisfied," concludes Patrick.